New Team Member

I’m pleased to introduce a new member of our team, mannequin number 73 !


Joking aside, we continue to invest in training and new equipment to improve our skills and provide a better service. Cutaway mannequins are great for producing the invisible or ghosted clothing look. They save an enormous amount of time and improve our workflow which means we can pass the savings back to you. For example, if you were shooting a half-open jacket without a cutaway mannequin, the jacket would be arranged on a dummy or mannequin and photographed from the front. Then you would turn the jacket inside out and shoot the inside back panel. The front image of the jacket and back panel would be combined in photoshop and we would add some shadowing inside to make it look realistic.   The cutaway mannequin allows us to achieve the same look in one shot saving post-production time.  There are still some types of tops, dresses and sportswear,  which still need to be combined in photoshop.

The other important aspect of photographing clothing is preparation. The garments have to look there best and therefore often need steaming first to get rid of any creases that may have happened during packing and shipping. We make sure that this is part of our preparation process and is provided at no additional cost to you in order to ensure that your garments are captured in perfect condition.

Our new invisible cutaway mannequin, Number 73 is a more athletic mannequin which is ideal for sports and fashion brands and he joins the team along with Bob and Sue.  We can’t keep referring to him as number 73 so, please comment below or on Instagram with  name suggestions and we’ll pick our favourite.  At the moment, Dominic seems to be very topical!

Invisible Cloth Photography

If you’re thinking about getting this season’s latest collection photographed, or if you just have a few items and want to stand out from the competition, then please feel free to give us a call. We are very friendly and will be happy to advise and explain the different options.


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